Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Monthly Promotions (Clubs) Available

I am SO excited to offer monthly promotions to my fabulous customers!
Just worries about running out of wax and you get to try something new.

Here is how they work:

*Scent of the month club - ($40 a year) - There are limited spaces available so sign up early for this! You will receive a Scentsy bar from the scent of the month, each month.

*Scentsy Bar & Car Candle club - ($60 a year) - You will receive a Scentsy bar and car candle for the scent of the month! Not only will your home smell great but your car will too.

*Scentsy club - ($10/month) - You will receive 2 random Scentsy bars every month to try out.

I can't wait to help you enjoy Scentsy all the time!

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