Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scentsy Fundraisers

Looking for a unique fundraising idea for your favorite youth group or community organization? Sure, you could put on another bake sale, carwash, or auction—but why not try something different? A Scentsy Fundraiser is a fun, easy, and profitable alternative. Thousands of organizations—church groups, 4-H clubs, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, gymnastics teams, day care centers, marching bands, booster clubs and many others—participate in fundraising programs every year. And studies show that the most successful fundraisers are built around product sales to family, friends and neighbors rather than sending children out to knock on strangers’ doors.

Why a Scentsy Fundraiser?
The best part of holding a Scentsy Fundraiser is that it’s so easy. Your Scentsy Consultant will provide professional service and support with all the details and logistics. And when you work with Scentsy, you can be confident that everyone who participates in your fundraiser will get real value for their contribution. Scentsy products are simple, safe and beautiful. Unlike traditional candles, Scentsy products are wickless, flameless, soot-free, lead-free and smokeless, so they can be used in offices and public buildings as well as private homes. They’re safe, family-friendly and fun to use. What’s not to like about that? How to Get StartedHere’s all you need to do:

1. Contact your sponsoring organization (the group you’re raising money for)
2. Set your fundraising goal
3. Contact me

I will guide and support you and your organization through every step of the process. I will make sure you have the latest Scentsy Fundraising catalog featuring products and fragrances specifically suited to fundraising drives.Participant Rewards Percentages are based on the volume of Scentsy products sold. Fundraising participants can earn anywhere from 10% - 30% of product sales (derived from the Consultant’s commissions) for their sponsoring organization or group. Working on a Scentsy Fundraiser is rewarding in so many ways besides financial—nothing builds a sense of community and team spirit like working together toward a common goal for a good cause.

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