Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why Scentsy?

I was at a great event this weekend, thank you Blackbird Music and Art, I listened to what other people had to say about Scentsy and thought I would share.

"It just smells so wonderful!"

"Oh, it's a I can leave it on and not have to worry - what a great idea."

"The warmers are BEAUTIFUL, I can put them anywhere in my home"

"No black smoke - no fuss - so great"

"Is this what I smelled when I walked in, wow, I LOVE it!"

This is why I LOVE Scentsy:
*I can leave my house all day and not worry
*Scentsy smells absolutely AMAZING and is not overpowering
*My kids with allergies and asthma are not effected at all (no smoke or soot)
*Our Christmas this year is paid for (Thank you Scentsy)
*I meet incredible people all the time

Everyone has the ability to affect the lives of others - through something simple like a smile or something that can change their life forever. What will you do for others?

Make your day "Scent"sational!!

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