Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scentsy "Bring Back My Bar" Scents

Beginning July 1st you can order any of the scents off the following list - but HURRY - it is for a limited time only!!
Apples & Pears – Pears come first, then crisp fall apples. Fall/Winter. SB-ANP
Banana Nut Bread – Right from the oven with ripe bananas, nuts and spices. Bakery. SB-BNB
Blackberry Bushel – Juicy, ripe, bursting blackberries. Fruits and Flowers. SB-BKS
Cappuccino – Warm cup of espresso with frothy steamed milk and creamy vanilla. Scentsy Favorites SB-CAP
Cashmere – Sheer floral bouquet combines Moroccan jasmine, lily of the valley and bergamot. Romance. SB-CAS
Cheerful Day – Sunny lemon, white grapefruit and mandarin with French verbena and wildflowers. SB-CHE
Eggnog – Warm spicy tones of nutmeg, rum and cream, this scent is a real holiday favorite. Fall/Winter. SB-EGG
Eucalyptus – Soothing, medicinal and fresh. Nature. SB-EUC
French Vanilla – Sweet, buttery vanilla. Bakery. SB-FVA
Fried Ice Cream – Vanilla with nutty touch along with cinnamon and caramel. Bakery. SB-FIC
Key Lime Tortilla – Lime and Kiwi combine for a south of the border sweet treat. Scent of the Month. SB-KLT
Leather – Rich leather scent reminiscent of an old-fashioned leather shop. Spring/Summer. SB-LEA
Luscious Lemon – Light, creamy lemon. Fruits & Flowers. SB-LUS
Mysterious – Spicy, fresh and woody, this masculine fragrance evokes strength and vitality. Romance. SB-MYS
Newborn Nursery – Dreamy scent that evokes memories of cradling your little ones. Favorites. SB-NEW
Pink Plumeria Passion – Exotic pink plumeria and orchid combined with passionfruit and a hint of apples. SB-PKP
Pumpkin Pie – Pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Fall/Winter. SB-PUM
Sizzlin’ Coconut – Tempting mix of cinnamon, coconut milk and rich vanilla. Bakery. SB-SIZ
Strawberry Sweetie – A fruity delight of juicy strawberries sprinkled with sugar and vanilla. Fruits & Flowers. SB-SBS
Watermelon Patch – Sweet, vine-ripened watermelon. Fruits & Flowers. SB-WMP

$5 each U.S./ $6 each Canada, Available in multi-packs

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